Chris Zempel

About Me

My name is Chris Zempel. I'm a former consultant who worked on small, distributed teams turned enterprise, in-the-office developer. After my BigCo tour at Maritz for some years, I joined Aha!.

Who are you, anyway? A great question! Here are some of my favorite quotes:

If you see evil, and don't speak evil, you do evil. - Nassim Taleb

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in. - Greek Proverb

I laugh hardest at harmless, mischevious absurdity which surprises people.

I once changed my Slack display handle to "A Delicious, Syrupy Waffle" (with an avatar of a satisfied waffle bathing in syrup to boot). We were doing an integration. All 100% professional, all efficiency and work... until the external integrations person addressed me, in full business ensemble, as "Mr. Waffle." One of my crowning achievements in life, to be sure.

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