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Hi. I'm a software developer based out of St. Louis, MO. I work at Aha! (opens in new tab).

Our job here on this earth is to create worthy meaning. Unless you'd rather chill out - you do you!

Why is it companies who can turn capital into all kinds of things - cars, global supply chains, incredible volume - can't seem to be build good software?

That's not the big question though. The big question of our age is whether the large scale events which impact all our lives are directed (guided by intention from the few), emergent (larger-scale patterns resulting from finer-scale details), or if this distinction has become increasingly irrelevant as our society has grown more complex and we need a different way of looking at it.

Usually I write for others in the course of work. Occasionally I'll write here when ideas have nowhere else to go. Take a peak:


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